If all men and women are equal, then all countries are equal, so why does U.S.A. commits war crimes and judges don’t judge it?  This means that we are not all equal and that we still have to do a long way to become a just world.  And this also means that we all, from the entire world, have to protect people like Julian Assange, because it’s thanks to him that we know what countries like U.S.A., for exemple, or countries of the Middle East, for another exemple, do behind us.  We must protect journalists, we must protect people who fight for the truth, even if this truth is against our country, because truth fights always in favor of people, sooner or later.  So we must not be afraid of truth.  The fault of Julian Assange is that of having brought to light U.S.A. war crimes, but this is not a fault, it is an honor.  Britain must not grant Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States and the Australian government must help its fellow citizen and any other person or state must do what they can to help a hero.