Have you ever seen Al Gore movie “An inconvenient truth”, for which, I think, he won the Nobel Prize? Well, I saw it more than 10 years ago, and I still remember when he took an elevator for making us see how high on the map the carbon dioxide level arrived. And he explained that before each ice age the level of carbon dioxide augmented. But today’s level of carbon dioxide is so many times more than the normal augmented levels, that the question is: what kind of ice age will follow this huge abnormal increase of carbon dioxide? A huge abnormal ice age, I think. So, I was thinking that maybe life will be possible for humanity, during next ice age, only in the equatorial countries, like: Gabon, Congo Republic, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Malesia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil. So, during next ice age people will try to go and live in these equatorial countries, probably. So I was thinking that it will be the contrary of our days, when african people try to come and live in europe, or mexicans try and live in USA: europeans and USA citizens will try to transfer themselves in hotter countries. So europeans and USA citizens should be nicer with those countries. Because life is just as simple as this: today my life is ok, and you have problems…but tomorrow, maybe, you will be ok, and I will have problems. So, life is a circle. So we have to respect more the others and try to help as much as we can. And we have to learn to respect the planet, all the planet, with its plants, animals, oceans, rivers, lakes and air. Ecology problems should be the first priorities of our politicians, the first priorities in our lives.