albergo Fontevraud Abbey, nella Loira

Loira’s Fontevraud Abbey, France…don’t you think that the colors of this abbey/hotel are so relaxing and chic?  White and grey together: simply perfect!!!

My blog was born the night of 23rd of June, the day of the Brexit.  And since that day I’m passing all my hours tuned on Sky News.  I’m really sorry for what’s happening in Great Britain.  I’m a big fan of Europe, I believe in Europe.  I always thought that united Europe, the European Community, is the best thing we’ve done here in the old continent.  I’m a big fan of unity.

And I hope that one day in the future, the next generations will see the birth of the UNITED STATES OF EARTH, all countries of the world, all united.

This is one of my dreams and hopes.  So now I hope that something will happen in Britain that can make them come back again in Europe. Please don’t go…please stay!!!